Morris County Sheriff’s Office

About Us: Bureau of Law Enforcement

Undersheriff: Michael Puzio
Undersheriff: Edward K. Crooker
Chief: Philip A. DiGavero

The duties which come under the auspices of the Bureau of Law Enforcement are as extensive as they are varied. For example, the Morris County Sheriff’s Office provides courthouse security, transports inmates admitted or sentenced to other county or state institutions, serves process papers and domestic violence temporary restraining orders, and handles foreclosures.

Sheriff’s officers have full police powers and in addition to the foregoing examples, the Morris County Sheriff’s Office operates a number of specialized units to support and augment municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. These include a crime scene unit, forensic and photo labs, K-9 unit, bomb squad, warrant unit and an emergency response team which handles everything from hostage situations to search and rescue work.

Bureau of Law Enforcement Divisions

Administration Division

As its name indicates, the division oversees the day-to-day administrative operations of the bureau. This includes the development of all rules, regulations and policies, management of the computer system, agency training, internal affairs and coordination of supplemental services to outside agencies.

Legal Services Division

The Legal Services Division is responsible for the service and enforcement of legal documents. This includes everything from Summons & Complaints to writs and subpoenas. Officers also apprehend individuals who have outstanding criminal, non-support, violation of probation and SLAP warrants issued by Superior Court as well as warrants received from other law enforcement agencies.

This division is also involved with sales of impounded/abandoned vehicles, evictions, wage claims, levies and sheriff’s sales.

Protective Services Division

The Protective Services Division’s primary responsibility is for courthouse security to ensure the safety of all employees, visitors and prisoners in and about the courthouse complex. In addition, officers assigned to this division provide transportation of prisoners from municipal police departments to the county correctional facility and county inmates sentenced to state prison. This division also serves temporary restraining orders (TROs) issued by the Superior Court as a result of domestic violence.

Special Services Division

The Special Services Division is comprised of the following three units:

bomb squad technician

Forensic/Photo Labs
The forensic and photo labs provide evidence processing for local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies operating within Morris County. Some of the many services it provides include developing and printing photographic film, video enhancement and duplicating, fingerprint development and comparison, ballistics, tool mark comparison, handwriting analysis and serial number restoration.

K-9 Unit/Bomb Squad
This unit is a specialized team of sheriff’s officers who use highly trained dogs to perform services such as search and rescue operations, narcotics and arson detection and fugitive tracking. Working in tandem with the bomb squad, this unit also responds to explosive emergencies for purposes of bomb detection and disposal.

Criminal Investigations
This unit is multifaceted and provides expert personnel for a range of investigative procedures including crime scene processing, evidence collection and preservation, and fingerprint analysis.

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